The Insider's Guide to Autumn Photo Shoots in Japan

During the peak of the autumn season in Japan, the leaves of the maple trees and ginkgo trees turn red and yellow. The autumn hues make for a beautiful scene at every turn.

The beautiful autumn leaves in Japan draw large numbers of travelers to famous spots in the mountains and cities. Each year from mid-September through to the end of November, the leaves change colors from their usual green into much warmer hues. The leaves start changing colors from the northern island of Hokkaido, then move southwards towards the lower elevations of central and southern Japan. Some trees around Tokyo and Kyoto remain colorful into early December.

Red maple leaves

Photo by Hayashi Photo Works 

Around the autumn season many people enjoy doing “Momiji-gari” which means viewing the fall foliage. The beautiful yellow and red hues sprinkled throughout the trees are a stunning sight and work great for outdoor photo shoots! Whether in a white wedding dress or an elegant kimono, either will look great against the autumn hues. 

Message on a Leaf

Photo by KIKI Wedding 

Couples who met or are having their special day in the autumn season can write the date on a leaf like the couple pictured above. Another sweet idea is writing your names on a leaf - it’s a lot nicer than carving your names in a tree! The simplicity of a small leaf can be a very cute addition to any photo shoot. 

Japanese Botanical Garden

Photo by U-Concent 

Though most people believe that botanical gardens only boast beautiful flowers in the spring, autumn also has its’ own special sights. Bringing in warm colors like red and orange will make your photo shoot feel very warm and inviting. 

Perfect match with Kimono

Photo by photoimagic

If you’re more interested in a Japanese traditional style photo shoot, you can always rent a kimono. Did you know the red Japanese wedding kimono symbolizes luck? The autumn season usually brings more stable temperature and weather which is why many Japanese people love chasing autumn for their weddings or photo shoots. 

Like a Moving Painting  

Photo by elle pupa 

Photos contrasting with a white wedding dress and a warm background are absolutely stunning — don't you think? 

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