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Top 5 Pre Wedding Photographers in Kyoto

Out of our family of over 800 photographers, these are the 5 most popular freelance pre wedding and wedding photographers in Kyoto

Michi Photography

loving couple — Photo by Michi Photography
in the trendy Tokyo Marunouchi area — Photo by Michi Photography
picture by the tokyo tower — Photo by Michi Photography
surprise! — Photo by Michi Photography
couple among red flowers — Photo by Michi Photography
flower shop girl and her groom — Photo by trickster photography

"I am an independent wedding and lifestyle photographer who has been based in Japan, and occasionally in the UK." 

Starting her photography career after returning from the UK, Michi Photography has been taking wedding photos since 2004. Michi is a very seasoned photographer who has held a number of exhibitions and had her photography featured by various magazines. Michi Photography offers packages for the Kansai area including Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Shiga and Nara. 

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Katakura Photo Office 

couple in a studio in Kyoto — Photo by Katakura Photo Office
couple in a studio in Kyoto — Photo by Katakura Photo Office
school sweet hearts photo shoot — Photo by Katakura Photo Office
carying his bride ! — Photo by Katakura Photo Office
Walking together in Kyoto — Photo by Katakura Photo Office
cool Love prop photo shoot — Photo by Katakura Photo Office

Based in the Kansai area, Katakura Photo Office aims to forever capture the happy memories of a moment in their photos. Katakura Photo Office is available to take photos throughout the Kansai area including Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto. 

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beautiful bride and her groom — Photo by Raita Kuwahara Photography
elegant photo in Tokyo — Photo by Raita Kuwahara Photography
happy couple  — Photo by Raita Kuwahara Photography
bright photo in the park — Photo by Raita Kuwahara Photography
Danny and Nagisa — Photo by Raita Kuwahara Photography
lovely couple in museum — Photo by Raita Kuwahara Photography


Active in the Kyoto area, Raita Kuwahara Photography's photos are focused on candid shots and bright lighting. With a love for traveling, Raita Kuwahara Photography has made many friends around the globe and documents his adventures along the way via his camera. 

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Atelier Casha

Japanese style shoot — Photo by MS Photography
Beautiful bride — Photo by MS Photography
Kimono photo shoot in the Tokyo area  — Photo by MS Photography
Thank you pre wedding photo — Photo by MS Photography
colorful couple — Photo by MS Photography
winky smile!  — Photo by MS Photography

Atelier Casha's is popular for their kimono photoshoots-- perfect for taking traditional Japanese photos as a tourist or local! Kyoto has many scenic spots perfect for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. This photographer's packages are all-inclusive with rental kimonos, hair and makeup, or perhaps wedding dresses if you'd prefer! Perfect for couples, families, and even friends. Make a Kyoto trip that you won't even forget, with a special kimono photo shoot. :)

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Candy Decorations  

Bride and groom at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku  — Photo by Candy Decorations
In the forest — Photo by Candy Decorations
Couple photo in the Shinjuku area — Photo by Candy Decorations
cute couple in Kimono in Tokyo — Photo by Candy Decorations
Couple holding hands in front of Tokyo Station — Photo by Candy Decorations
Couple walking down the streets of Shibuya Tokyo Japan  — Photo by Candy Decorations

With a very detailed studio set up, CandyDecorations aims to meet all your needs with their changeable studio set. The photographer, Matsui Hiroko, started her career after returning to Japan from Australia. As a freelancer, she works with bridal and fashion related photo shoots. 

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