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Looking for an English speaking photographer in Tokyo? You've come to the right place! From basic photo shoots to hair, makeup and attire, this page features all our photo shoot plans.


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The former capital of Japan, Kyoto has many beautiful, picturesque places to offer visitors. With many historical buildings and scenic gardens, the city has an abundance of picture spots all year round.


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For that romantic beach photo shoot, check out Okinawa! With an endless amount of beaches, and many being ranked as the clearest waters, Okinawa provides a perfect place for a photo shoot in paradise.


2017-04-28 03:15:48

Known for having beautiful traditional areas as well as modern city areas, Osaka is a good balance of both worlds. The area is also known for its foodie culture with its many restaurants and street food.


2017-04-28 03:15:00

Just a little away from Tokyo, Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan. Yokohama's port was the first to open foreign trade and has led for the community to grow into a very diverse setting.


2017-05-05 05:00:09

Nara is most famous for its bowing deer. For a small fee, visitors can buy deer biscuits to make some new friends. It is a great spot for nature photos.


2017-05-01 06:08:01

Kobe is a cozy city that is known to be easy to get around. Most of the picturesque spots in Kobe can be seen at night.


2017-05-08 06:08:02

Full of outdoor picture spots, Nagoya can be found in-between Tokyo and Osaka. The city has the fourth population in Japan and the capital of Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya is almost at the center of Japan.


2017-04-28 03:18:19

Tokyo is the current capital of Japan. The city offers traditional as well as modern architecture to see. In addition, there are many parks with beautiful flowers for every season.

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