Photo of Pre Wedding in Hokkaido taken by AMVER

Photo taken by AMVER - Pre Wedding in Hokkaido

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Hello, this is the photography and videography pro association, AMVER.

Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, we work in a wide range of specialties, including weddings and commercial work. Founded in 2017, we are a relatively young company with a strong track record. We provide high quality and creative idea proposals to satisfy both individuals and companies.

[AMVER’s Location Photography Specialities]
We take location photography that you can fondly look at with your family for years to come.
*According to the couple’s request, we will provide a competitive photo plan and photo shoot plan for you.
*We provide a wide range of styles, from natural expressions to cool and fashionable.
*We form a team with the photographer, assistant, hair and makeup stylist, and the customer, to plan a photo shoot that you can enjoy.
*We use only the latest equipment for lighting (reflector, strobe light, etc) to get high quality results.
*Our post-editing process brings your photos to an even higher quality.