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What is Famarry?

Famarry is a booking platform made of wedding photographers all over the world.
Customers can choose their favorite photographers by searching their package or photos not only for their wedding, but also for pre wedding photography.
We help couples find their perfect photo shoot with the perfect location and photographer all over the world.



Book Your Dream Photo Shoot in 5 Easy Steps!


Find Your Photographer

Start by choosing the type of photo shoot you want, and/or location you want to have your photo shoot in. You can do this through the searches at the top of the page

Tip: Make sure to check the photographer's photos, packages, and other details


Booking Your Session

Booking Your Session

If you've decided on a photographer or package, click "See Pricing Here!"

You will get a confirmation email after the date and package have been decided


After confirming your photo shoot details, you will receive an email about the payment information. Your session will be confirmed after payment


Chat with Your Photographer

After your booking details have been confirmed you can talk to your photographer about how you want your photo shoot to be done.You can send qustions or requests to your photographer through our adming page.


Until the shooting day,

Please check with the photographer about;
  • Location of the photo shoot
  • Exact time to start shooting
  • Where to meet with the photographer
  • How to transfer to places to another when you have more than two destinations to shoot
  • How will you dress up and do hair make up
  • What style you like and any particular scene you'd like to capture

To make your photo shoot fruitful and smooth, check all above out.

Please check below for yourself;
  • Fee of the entrance if you are planning to enter any venue, check whether you need to get permission for shooting as well.
  • Any items you are bringing with.
  • Flower bouquet
  • Style or composition you are willing to shoot

It is better to have concrete images you wish to have

Shooting locations

Depends on where you have your photo shoot, you might need to get permissions or pay for the entrance fee. Check those before hand on homepage or by the phone.
Let us know if you need our help.

About hair make up or dresses

Please prepare hair make up and dresses for yourself or the photographer provides packages include hair make up or rental costumes.
Let us know if you need our help.


On the photo shoot day

Please dress up and do hair make up before photo session starts, be on time, you can check the finalized plan of your photo shoot before it starts.


What is request to book?

You can check their availability with photographers.
Just feel free to send them the requests, check availability, package price, shooting locations etc with the photographers.

Do you have to pay for the requests?

No, there is no payment necessary for requests. You only make payment when you want to lock down the dates and make it official. Feel free to send as many requests as you'd like.

How to choose the photo shoot locations?

After you choose the area and book the photographer, you will start chatting with the photographer for more details. He/she can consult you the locations according to your request!

How do I get the photos?

Normally, we will deliver the photos online. We will send you the link to download the photos in 2weeks to 1month after photo shoot.

How do I check a photographer's availability?

Please go to the photographer's profile page, and click "More Details".
If you send the inquiry form, the photographer will respond with their availability. (Sending the inquiry form is free, and does not bind you to a specific package or pricing.)

Do you provide rental outfits? (i.e. Wedding Gowns or Kimonos)?

We do! Some photographers provide their own rental costume services, while others don't.
If the photographer does not have rental outfits, we can introduce you to affiliate salons and shops in your requested area.