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Kyōto-fu Kyoto

About Atelier Casha

Atelier Casha has prepared many attractive photoshoot plans for wedding shoots, prewedding shoots, and Kimono shoots.
Atelier Casha is popular for brides, and for traditional Japanese weddings.

They take wonderful photos of kimono with Kyoto's traditional architectural scenery.
We also get many requests for western wedding photography as well.

There are people who choose not to have weddings for one reason or another... but still want to take photos for memory's sake. There are also people who decide to do weddings abroad or in another location, but want to take Kimono photoshoots in traditional Kyoto, Osaka, or Kobe. Lastly, there are people who don't take photos on their wedding day so that they can spend time with their family and loved ones at the ceremony and reception.

For all these people, we can do a photo wedding for you. If it's on a weekday, we can give a special discount.

Would you like us to join you for those special photo moments?

Customers' Voice (2)

He was focused and professional. Very friendly too.

Atelier Casha, photo studio is what I would recommend to all my family and friends ! Aki from Atelier Casha would go above and beyond to help you with the whole process. Atelier Casha has a team who takes their job by heart from preparing for the shoot during the shoot and even after the photo shoot, they would follow thoroughly making sure you are well taken cared of. Despite the language barrier we had no problem communicating as Aki would even take an extra step and download a translator app just to communicate with you and ensure that the whole photo shoot went smoothly. It was great to have a photographer we could trust, and we are so thankful that we found Aki , photo studio coordinator – nobody could have done a better job capturing one of the most special moments of our lives. We did an overseas family photoshoot of cherry blossoms at the Kyoto botanical gardens, Torii gates and the Tower of Yakasa. Professionalism, service and patience is what I would say best fits Atelier Casha. Could you ever imaging taking a two year old to a kimono photo shoot, Atelier Casha was able to get this. Planning everything overseas could be stressful and Aki managed to make everything easy for us. Aki not only has the patience, she really cares to make your visions come true. She spent the time necessary getting to know you and what you want. She brought in a spectacular team of the best photographer, makeup artists. We had a wonderful experience which was a special memory for us.

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Albums of Atelier Casha

Special Packages by Atelier Casha

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60 min91,800 JPY (excl. tax)
Final Photo Set : 100 photos
Notes :
【Only for Weekdays】
A Kimono Location Photoshoot in the Okazaki Area (Heian Jingu Area).
Rental Kimono (as well as help wearing it), bride's hair and makeup, and data files of all photos are provided in this plan.
A plentiful 1-hour photo shoot.
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Special Packages by Atelier Casha

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120 min108,000 JPY (excl. tax)
Final Photo Set : 500 photos
Notes :
Photoshoot for the Wedding Ceremony and Reception. (Photo data provided).
Albums available for an additional price.
You do not need to pay transportation fees if it is in the Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, or Tokyo area.
Other areas will require an additional transportation fee. Please feel free to ask!
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Special Packages by Atelier Casha

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120 min43,200 JPY (excl. tax)
Final Photo Set : 100 photos
Notes :
Engagement Photoshoot Plan (Only on Weekdays)
「結 - Yui -」

A professional wedding photographer will capture natural snapshots that remind you of your love together.
Go to different locations together, as travelers and lovers, making memories together.

Meet your photographer at your desired location, and enjoy the photoshoot!
This engagement photo shoot is both traveling and touring. Take photos of old memories and new-- anything that captures the feelings between the two sweethearts.
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Special Packages by Atelier Casha

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180 min129,600 JPY (excl. tax)
Final Photo Set : 150 photos
Notes :
Kyoto Location Photography Plan

A location pre wedding photoshoot in the ancient city, in Kyoto's townscape.
You can choose rental kimonos or rental western wedding dresses for your photoshoot.
Take photos where you'd like-- at shrines, temples, or your favorite locations.

Rental clothing, Hair and Makeup for the bride, and all photo data provided... comes to 120,000 JPY (tax excluded) on weekends, and 140,000 JPY (tax excluded) on weekends!
This price INCLUDEs a transportation car!

ALSO includes 2 locations!
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