What if it rains on the photo shoot day?
The photographer will consult you what to do. Please discuss with he/her if you want to change the schedule.
Any advise to do photo shoot?
The Pose
By lifting your chin you banish the double chin.
Holding your elbows away from your body reduces the apparent width of your torso and accentuates the bosom. Shifting your weight to your rear foot cocks your hips into a position that gives you a sexy curviness. There are many other little tricks your photographer may teach you. Just listen and he will not lead you astray.

Hair and Make-up
Make sure a headpiece will fit with your hairstyle. If you plan it right, your photographer may be available to take some formals on this day too.

Give you photographer the tools he needs to be creative. When ordering flowers for the wedding, be sure to order an extra single rose, boutonnière, ribbon or other inexpensive items that the photographer can use in your photos.

The Bouquet
How should you hold a bouquet? In a single word…DOWN!! Never hide your dress with a bouquet. If you are a five foot bride, do not order a 3 foot cascading bouquet.

When choosing location and time of day, keep lighting in mind. The best light happens 1-2 hours before sunset. If your wedding is indoors, try to avoid buildings with high dark ceilings and few windows. Since natural light will look much better in your photos, try to plan your wedding when the room will be the brightest. By the way, photographers hate fluorescent lights. They make you look green.

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