Looking for an English speaking photographer in Tokyo? You've come to the right place! From basic photo shoots to hair, makeup and attire, this page features all our photo shoot plans.
photo by Natsumetic Photography

Thank you for choosing Famarry to book your photo shoot in Tokyo! Whether it's a stunning pre-wedding photo shoot, or family holiday snaps, we have a number of friendly English speaking photographers who look forward to taking your photos.

To book: Please choose your photo shoot length and browse the available plans.

Basic Photo Shoot Plans

Please select a photo shoot length. You can ask for more or less time when you send your request.

Up to 1.5hrs | 2hr + | 3hr +

Up to 1.5hrs

60 min
50 photos

42,000 JPY(tax inc)


90 min
120 photos

78,000 JPY(tax inc)


2hr +

120 min
60 photos

35,000 JPY(tax inc)


120 min
60 photos

55,000 JPY(tax inc)


3hr +

180 min
120 photos

54,000 JPY(tax inc)


180 min
300 photos

69,800 JPY(tax inc)